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Friday, August 26, 2005
Stupidity, yet again...

I got bored at work today and went online. After a while I found a great site with politically incorrect shirts and stuff which was cool.
One was for PETA, which they changed to PEaTA with a hand holding a hamburger and it said "People for the Edible Treatment of Animals".
I thought that was quite humorous. Then I went on to look at PETA's website and see how stupid they are becoming.
And here's a little rant on today's episode of

Stupidity in America: PETA's Pouting Party

I found this site about PETA and thought it was good. Here's a couple things PETA believes.

Complete liberation of animals.  - PETA claims complete liberation is the main goal, but they fail to address the ramifications of this radical idea.

  • They want animals to have more rights than human beings.
  • They are against eating meat.
  • They are against people having pets.
  • They are against hunting and fishing.
  • They are against the use of seeing-eye dogs.
  • They are against the use of dolphins by the US military to find ocean mines.
  • They are against the use of police dogs.
  • They are against the use of animals for research that saves human lives.
  • They are against putting animals in a zoo.
  • They are against using animals for any form of entertainment.
  • They are hypocrites.

So first we have the all time stupidity of trying to give animals more rights than people have. ANd that's just plain stupid and dumb. FOr one, animals aren't rational.
They don't base decisions on logic, but rather on instinct. They can't tell the difference between good and bad. They don't have souls, and when they die they just die.
Nothing happens. If animals were meant to be as good as people, God would have made them into people. Plants have just as many rights as animals do and
yet we (and they) kill plants everyday to use for decoration or to give to someone. What's the difference? Let's look at them being against seeing-eye dogs. Has
anyone ever asked a dog if he didn't want to be a seeing eye dog and gotten any kind of logical reply? No. Why not? Because dogs follow instinct and teaching, not
logic and understanding. The dog doesn't care if it's helping someone that needs help. PETA is just totally against assisted living. Secondly, dolphins hsould definately
be used to find ocean mines. Better a dolphin get blown up than a boat with people (who are actually worth something). People are far above animals and we
should definately ALWAYS go for the death of an animal over the death of a person, regardless of what the animals is or who the person is. ANimals should NOT be
esteemed higher than humans because they are to be trodden on under our feet, not worship as gods. Other than that: Here's the next section in tonights episode...

In 1999, PETA euthanized 1,325 of the 2,103 animals it took.  PETA claimed that euthanizing the cats was much kinder than leaving them in the streets.  PETA made the statement that a quick painless death is much better than a slow painful one.  However, when hunters or farmers talk of quick painless ways of killing animals, PETA calls them barbarians and claim no animal death is justified.

We see here the total stupidity and hypocracy(sp?) of PETA, in that if they kill animals, then it's all fine and dandy because the do it humanely. What they're saying is that they go pick animals up off the streets where they just wander and have a good time, and bring them back to a room and make them feel all happy and then just kill them. And then they have the nerve to get up and say that hunting is bad because it kills animals. Hunting (if you're any good) is the sport of killing animals quickly and painlessly so that you can eat them. IF you're gonna kill an animal, why not make use of it while you can? Eat the meat. So while we sit back and eat the meat of animals that had a quick painless death, not to mention one where we didn't try to make them feel like we were their friends and then kill them seconds later, but merely just killed them unsuspectingly so it's better for them...so while we sit back and do that, PETA can just go on with it's inhumane murdering of innocent animals and not put them to good use afterwards. What kind of crap is that? Worthless establishment.

Now certainly I do not condone the heartless torture and murder of animals unless of course they torture and murder a human being (at that point, slow painful torture should be implemented). But I also don't say we shouldn't eat animals (the other white meat), or use them for our own personal gain. There's nothing wrong with using what God gave us. Animals are here for us. Not the other way around. If God didn't want us to eat animals, He wouldn't have made them taste so darn good. (Or in Old Testament times, tell people to sacrifice animals, and/or eat animals...)

So in the conclusion of this episode, I must say: PETA. SHOVE IT! You rank among the top 5 worst institutions ever to be concieved in this country's history. Maybe one day I'll post that list, but it's easy to figure out... (anything liberal is pretty much on that list).

One final quote before we end that shows how selfishly STUPID PETA and it's higher-ups are. And just how little they care about human life.

     -"Even if animal tests produced a cure for AIDS, we’d be against it."
     - PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, September 1989, Vogue Magazine

SCREW PETA!!! We should force feed them all the meat of the animals THEY (as they would say) murder (or as they call it only when they do it, "euthenize"). Back to reality. Come back next time when we'll talk about either the ACLU or the NAACP. For now, this is The Truth, signing off.

Monday, August 15, 2005
Mexico Missions Trip College & Career 2005

Probably the best trip ever, and I've learned so much.

I'l just start with this summer.

It started out as any summer in the past has, but the one difference was Garrett who came as the intern for our College department. Because I work at church I saw him a good little bit and one day we went out to eat for lunch. We had a really good talk about a lot of stuff and then when we got back to church from lunch, we had another even longer talk. Through that longer talk and subsequent others, my whole life has been changed, and I am so much stronger now because of the time Garrett took to spend with me. He gave me so much advice I needed to hear, and just something clicked with us, and I can describe it with no other word but "God". He has seriously been probably the most influential person in my life. It's crazy the way God brings people into your life, but He did and I'm so glad. Also at first I wasn't gonna go on the Mexico trip, but one day after talking to Jeff, I decided, yea. I'm going. Like many others, I didn't have the right attitude in going. I was going so that I could get closer to God the way I was my junior year in high school, and I went to get to know Him more. I wound up getting to know a bunch of guys better and getting to know some really good girls as well. I thank God for the opportunity that I had to go on this trip and am determined to pray for MCCS/ICCD as they continue. I wish we could go back next year, because that place is seriously awesome.  But other than that, this whole summer has really helped me through the stuff I've been going thorugh in the past little long while, and God's revealed so much to me. I have a desire to go to seminary and maybe the mission field. I don't know yet, but I'm seeking God and know He'll open and close doors as He sees fit.

Anywyas, missions trips are awesome.

Props to:

God, for all He did
All the guys, for the great times in the sleeping area.
Jeff, for talking while watching shooting stars  (and almost getting in trouble)
Matt Hodges, for being such a great guy
My brother, for probably one of the few testimonie's if not the first I've ever heard him give.
Garrett, for the above and more
Rev. Barton, for allowing us to go on the trip,
Helton, for everything
Mr. Larry Ridlee, for being one of the few people to donate money so that I could go on the trip.
Parents for the money toward the trip.
All the girls, for any talks that I had with ya'll or getting to know you.
Heather, Elizabeth C., Shannon, Stacie, .... (all the others too) for being able to get to know you.
Melody, for the great talks, as always. My ever-so-interesting life wouldn't be the same without such a random person :)
Genny, for everything.
Kristi B. and Kim, for good conversations on the plane home.
Vanessa, for putting together the Thursday night deal and getting it set up.
And any others that I missed, thanks for everything.
And to MCCS and their whole ministry and what a blessed ministry it is and will continue to be.

Sunday, July 17, 2005
The Choices That We Make

“The Choices That We Make”

(Michael D. Jenkins)

 (October 1st, 2003)


The choices that we make in life,

Will find us happy or give us strife.

The only thing that will forever be

Is the choice that’s chose by you and me.

Follow God,

            Will you choose?

Follow Satan,

            You will lose.

Satan says, “give in” to live.

Jesus says stand firm on faith.

Satan tells us we will lose,

But only if we believe him will it be true.

Jesus tells us we can win.

He will help us not give in.

We now have a choice to make.

Which path will you take?

It Drops Its Red

One of my favorite poems of all time.

“It Drops Its Red”

(Michael D. Jenkins)

(October 1st, 2003)


The drip.

It dropped.

It drops its red.

This drip.

It dropped.

It’s heart now bled.

Falling freely,

Soon to burst.

Who will see it?

Will they catch it first?

Three seconds.

Two seconds.

One second.


Its journey is over.

Its travel is done.

It hits the ground to become none.

If it were noticed,

Right before,

Would it have died,

Upon this floor?

The question isn’t

Was it noticed?

The question is

What had cut it?

Love drips.

It dropped.

It dropped its red.

Its cut was because

The love was not fed.

Posted at 10:46 pm by jangins101
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Selfish Lust


“Selfish Lust”

(Michael D. Jenkins)

(September 16th, 2003)



The sudden thought that selfish lust

Could burn into my mind.

It brings me to my knees at night,

To God I cry out blind.


Please oh God. Only you

Can keep my heart so pure.

To shelter me from the storm,

And from the devil's lure.


I pray to Him by night, by day.

With hope that He will lead the way.

Because I know the price that I would pay,

Should I turn and go astray..

Posted at 10:43 pm by jangins101
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Well, I won't offend anyone on this post like I said I would. :) I'll be nice.

And I won't bring up a really controversial topic like I would love to do, because controversy is so much fun sometimes. :)

But I'll just write soem random stuf, and you can comment and temm me what it means to you.

"Come to me. All I have is yours." - Man
"Come to me. All I have is yours." - God

The ABC's of Christianity

"Open your heart to Him & let the Love of Christ come in."

"Where my love will never fail.
 Feel my scars from you nails."

And you say.....................

Posted at 10:39 pm by jangins101
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Thursday, July 14, 2005
Time for a new post, I suppose

Due to the mass majority's opinion, I have encoded what was formerly on this section of my blog. Decode and find out what it says!!!!


I'll give you a hint. It's 'Base Eight' (Triple play!)

| NEW BLOG ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Ok. So today was a pretty good day. I woke up this morning, 30 minutes later than usual which I really didn't care about anyways. So I got to work at 6:40 instead of 6:30. Then I did some work and just had a really decent day. I want' tired. I didn't get bored or anything. It was actually one of the best days I've had in a long time and I don't know why. COuld've been the prayer I said, askingn GOd for a good day. My boss wasn't there, but hopefully I'll get to talk to him soon, because I emailed him saying that we need to talk about my future opportunities there (InTuition). So hopefully sometime soon I'll get that squared away. Anyways, I came home and helped my dad on the shed and then came inside and watched Rollerball, and now I'm sitting here writing a blog and talking to Jeff and Genny, and gonna go to bed soon. So goodnight.

Monday, June 27, 2005
New Song

Yay, I got inspiration the other day and wrote a new song called "Why Lord".
I must say, it's one of the best songs I think I've written too.
It's not your typical praise and worship song, though there are aspects of P&W in it.

The chorus goes like this:

Why Lord? Do I, Lord? Feel so far from You?
Why Lord? Do I, Lord? Feel there's nothing I can do?
Every time I run to you, I just keep falling down.
Every time I look to you, I keep closing my eyes.

This was the main inspiration for the song. I was just sitting there thinking and these words came to mind. It expresses how I feel sometimes, and I'm sure it also expresses how a lot of people feel sometimes. It may not seem like a P&W song, but to me at least, it is. It expresses how I feel sometimes and I think it's a good encouragement sometimes. It's one of those songs that I can feel when I play it or sing it, because it's personal to me.

Here are the two verses:

I want to, talk to you. One on one. Boy to Father.
I want to, talk to you. One on one. Man to Dad.
Everyday I pray to you. Listening is what I need to do, too.
You are Holy. You're the Only, one that ever loved me so much.
You are my King, of everythihng. You're the only one I love.
Still I struggle in my with, my ultimate imperfection.
Every day, same old sin. Don't know how. Don't know when.
Please Lord pick me, up and dust me, off and make me pure again.

Lord it's me. Back again. Fallen for the same old sin.
Lord I need you. Help me get through. All these trials. All these fires.
I can't get through this alone, Lord. I need to rely on you.
Still I know that it is up to me. I'm still the one that bows the knee.
Question is, Lord. Who am I serving? Is it You Lord? Is it You?
That is what I want to do Lord. That is all I want. It's true!
Please Lord. Help me. In What I do. I just want to be like you.
Please Lord pick me, up and dust me, off and make me pure again.

Anyways, I like it. I suppose I'll allow your comments on it. :) So comment away!

Thursday, June 23, 2005
Secretive, aren't I?


Monday, June 20, 2005

Every day, I go to work. 6 days a week. 40+ hours a week. Then school for another 12+ hours. will it ever end? GOSH! :)

Well, it seems that every time I come to work here I get so BORED!!!! There's nothing to do. Sometimes I just wish I were useful in a different field. I don't like being bored. I like doing something all the time (Would explain why I want to learn about cars (among other reasons)) because I hate boredom an dlife is too short to be bored. But as the days go by, it gets worse and worse. I wonder, what do I want to do with my life? Where do I want to be in 5 years?I guess I gotta take the cards as I get them and do what I can. Problem is I've got a crappy hand right now, and I'm up against the champ. I need something to do here.

And I had something to do, but then things happened and for some whatever reason, I can't work on that anymore (Cisco Series 2600). So it sucks. I spent two days trying to learn it and was enjoying it, but then, BOOM. Shot down by upper management. Goodness I hate it when that happens. Oh well.

Back to boredom. I guess I'll talk to ya'll later.

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